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About Grated

Grated is a Vancouver Streetwear brand established in 2016 with the goal of providing purposeful clothing & products created through the scope the brand’s philosophy. 

We believe; change starts with the individual by the breakdown of the rules of society to breakthrough its boundaries


1. The breakdown of a physical object or a conscious idea

 2. To breakthrough restrictions


The philosophy of Grated comes from its definition; to break something down.

When an object or idea is Grated, it is broken down; a logic that is the basis of the philosophy of “breakdown to breakthrough” with the idea being; the individual must analyze and dissect a situation before following through with an action.

“Breakdown to Breakthrough”


Garments at Grated are based on creating new ways of enjoying traditional pieces we know to love. With zero compromise on materials, quality, and ambition, each Wave within Grated is aimed to create something new.

2021W1 is introduced with the Annex Shirt; the first item created with our design philosophy.

The annex shirt’s design breaks down the concept of what a shirt should be. The Annex shirt like no other combines utility and comfort; Comfortable to wear daily while also carrying functionlaity to help in day to day tasks.


Annex is the term for the connection between garments made at Grated. With careful integration between products, annex garments can combine with each other for enhanced functionality.



1: to attach, append, or add, especially to something of importance

2: a subsidiary building connected to a larger building